Barlow Lake Events

Please join us for events on Barlow Lake! The Barlow Lake Association hosts several events throughout the year that are aligned with our mission to conserve and preserve the lake's natural, social and economic resources, along with fun events that help lake residents get to know each other and enjoy the community! If you have suggestions for an event, or think the Association can help with your event, please email us at

Annual Boat Parade

Join in on one of our most exciting events of the year, the annual Barlow Lake Boat Parade! Each year we present a new theme and ask all members to participate by decorating their boats. Please plan to be ready at Turtle Bay shortly before 2:00pm so we may begin on time and distribute goodie bags.

Goodie bags are provided to each boat for the children in attendance (12 years old and under).

*Should you decide to participate at the last minute (or forget to call), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE join in! We will have enough goodie bags!

Barlow Lake Fireworks

Annual Fireworks Display

Each year, we are excited to provide a beautiful fireworks display for not only our members and residents of Barlow Lake, but also for our adjoining neighbors in and around Yankee Springs. Please remember that our show is 100% funded by membership dues. To continue with this annual display, we encourage you to please pay your annual dues and or assist in making a special contribution to be designated directly to the purchase of the fireworks. We also encourage our Yankee Springs members to also assist in donations to help us make the best display as possible! We try and target $10k annually to ensure a wonderful show! We want to provide a special thanks to our resident Fireworks Director, Earl Krol!

Annual Summer Fishing Contest

Its more than just tall tales! Sign-up for our annual Summer Fishing Contest that runs from June 1 through August 31! We will display winners for the largest size of Largemouth Bass, Sunfish, Crappie, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Gar Pike, Rock Bass, Bullhead, Walleye, and Northern Pike. Please send your catch information to Mike Moerman at 269-986-4689 (Remember that you MUST include your photo/pictures to Mike!). Your catch information must also include length (measured with mouth closed & with a tape measure), species, date caught & fisherman's name (with lake address & relationship to lake resident if you are a visitor). **As of 2019, Bluegills & Sunfish will now be combined into one category named 'Sunfish' due to hybridization and all of them starting to look alike.

A special thanks to Mike and Bradley Moerman for heading up the fish committee along with committee members Jared Nichols, Dale DeYoung, and Alan Hooker.

Barlow Lake Fishing